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  • May 9, 2023

Online Marketing Business becomes OMB Digital, the B2B sales disruptor

Amsterdam, 2 May 2023 - The future is personalise. Tackling untapped sales opportunities even more efficiently and effectively. Finding the right person and approaching them in the right tone with new technology, plus available data. Founder and innovator Tom Spoor of Online Marketing Business is now disrupting the European B2B market together with sales strategist Caspar Fraiture and their team of specialists. The technological developments make the time ripe to switch from Online Marketing Business to OMB Digital after more than 20 years. OMB Digital focuses on sales empowerment based on data driven personalization for optimal Connecting Customers. The processes, tools and services are also adapted to personalization as much as possible. .

Sales empowerment

Instead of shooting with “a bazooka or with hail”, OMB Digital shoots data driven personalized as “a sniper”. Not only through the power of LinkedIn and AI, but especially through the combination with HubSpot CRM. The all-in-one marketing, sales, customer services, CMS and operations cloud based software. For CRM, mailings, website, social media, live chat, blog, automation, workflows, surveys, knowledge base, deals forecast, tasks, meeting links, payments, playbooks, quotes, ads, social media planning, forms, call tracking , analytics, dashboard and reports.

Connecting Customers

Connecting Customers is more than just lead generation. With the OMB Digital Connecting Diamond formula, OMB Digital not only generates leads, but in particular a process to convert these relevant leads. With the ultimate goal of turning your customers into ambassadors.

Irresistible message

Many companies lack an irresistibly clear message and often send me and us messages that they are good at, without evidence, instead of what they can do for customers. The well-known "We at WC-duck, advise WC-duck". To prevent this, OMB Digital has developed the Focusing and Fine Grinding workshops. This is the starting point for Connecting Customers.


We have moved from advertising (offline mass communication) to marketing (online community communication) and now to personalization (data one-on-one communication) through algorithms and AI for maximum effect and efficiency for Connecting Customers.

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