3x higher conversions, activate unused sales opportunities.

OMB Digital full service sales agency with B2B focus

Connecting Customers

Sales is more than leads

Find and connect.


Connecting diamond

Potential customers and own organization from growth diamond more valuable to sharpen into irresistible ambassadors.

Distinctive customer approaches
Generate traffic = New contacts
Convert = Activate existing contacts
Upsell = Entice customers with additional sales
Connect = Making customers loyal
Create ambassadors = Customer word-of-mouth

Two diamonds plus some keywords

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Grow with the right plan

Pay for what you need, when you need it.

Rein Hoogland

"NexyZ has had lead generation campaigns set up with Joobi.

The effectiveness has far exceeded our expectations with many new appointments and new customers.

The support during the campaign was also adequate and very solution-oriented. With Joobi we were able to keep a close eye on the process and progress."

Managing Partner - NexyZ
Rein Hoogland

Data driven digital sales

Most effective and efficient.


Data driven

Campaign tools and more.

Activation of existing and new contacts with LinkedIn

CRM, mailings, website, live chat, blog, automation, workflows, surveys, knowledge base, deals forecast, tasks, meeting links, payments, play books, quotes, ads, social media planning, forms, call tracking, analytics, dashboard, reports

Analysis and enrichment of companies and individuals

Personal characteristics through algorithms

Many apps for integration with HubSpot

Logo HubSpot
Logo Joobi
Logo Oneflow
Logo Leadinfo

One-on-one personal approach

Shoot with live ammunition and therefore without waste.

"With HubSpot I have better and more personal conversations.

Working together with OMB Digital means continuity in customer contact for me. 

Realized a significant increase in turnover in 2022, customers who themselves request an appointment in LinkedIn in response to articles and posts posted

On average 5 qualitative appointments in my agenda per month. We have interesting conversations with various organizations where we can directly add value at a structural level. In many cases, we can already submit a proposal during the second meeting, with a good success rate".

WEA - Naaldwijk
Jos van Kester

Extension of sales

Find and polish the valuable diamonds.



Connecting menu
Tools mix
Fine grinding

OMB Digital Connecting menu as a sales process.

Focusing and fine-tuning workshop for a clear message and tone of voice

Tools mix
HubSpot, Joobi, AI, automation and offline

LinkedIn automation, mailings + follow-up calls

New technology to empower sales people

Data combine creativity and tech to develop services, business models, platforms and campaigns.

"Lead generation campaigns executed in LinkedIn and CRM HubSpot.

Expectations have been far exceeded with many new appointment and new business. Market analysis mapped the target group at C-level level. Follow-up and follow-up of the leads, make an appointment and schedule it in my agenda. All I had to do was call the warm leads at the scheduled time..

Guidance during the campaign was adequate and very effective."

CEO - Nextrday
Alexandra van der Stap

Our diamonds


Sales tips & tricks

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Many facets of sales empowerment highlighted for connecting customers.
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