The Future of Sales

Maximise ambitions, optimise the sales process with the new rules.

Activate your untapped sales by:

finding and reaching the right people with the right tone using new technology + available data + AI + sales automation.

OMB Digital is a certified HubSpot Gold Solutions Partner. With our years of experience we help B2B companies prepare for successful visibility, engagement and sales.


Do you feel overwhelmed by the complexity of digital sales and AI?

  • Cold call jitters
  • ROI riddles
  • Strategy stagnation
  • Leads Labyrinth
  • Technology doubts
  • ChatGPT

At OMB Digital we understand these challenges better than anyone.

Discover how your sales process can become not only more effective and efficient, but also more pleasant and profitable, unlike any other.

Ready for change? This is possible from € 2,950 per month.

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In the dynamic world of sales, it is essential to stay focused on the crucial points that can make the difference between stagnating and excelling. At OMB Digital we have developed a framework that ensures that you continuously work on your growth.

1. Strategy

Getting the irresistible message clear - from € 4,950.

2. Organization

Who does when and how?

3. Tools

The most useful tools that match your ambitions.

4. People

Selecting and training on soft and hard skills: capabilities and mentality.

5. Campaign

Choosing the medium with the best reach and the right messages and frequency.

6. Telemarketing

Make appointments by telephone follow-up - from € 960 per month.


Effective and efficient sales process

Your challenges, our priority.

  • Clear strategy
    We distill your vision into an irresistible message.
  • Optimizing your processes
    Efficiency is within reach with our process improvements.
  • Maximizing your tools
    Each piece of technology becomes a powerful weapon in your arsenal.
  • Strengthen team
    We take your people to the next level with the right training and insights.
  • Intensify campaigns
    Our campaigns make the impact you need to grow.
  • Guaranteed Follow-up
    We ensure that every lead gets the attention it deserves.

Discover how your sales process can become not only more effective and efficient, but also more pleasant and profitable.

Polishing potential customers from growth diamonds to ambassadors

  • Generate traffic = Create new contacts
  • Convert = Activate existing contacts
  • Upsell = Entice customers with extra sales
  • Connect = Make customers loyal
  • Create ambassadors = Word of mouth by customers
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Companies we have worked with

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Rein Hoogland

"NexyZ has had lead generation campaigns set up with Joobi.

The effectiveness has far exceeded our expectations with many new appointments and new customers.

The support during the campaign was also adequate and very solution-oriented. With Joobi we were able to keep a close eye on the process and progress."

Managing Partner - NexyZ
Rein Hoogland

"With HubSpot I have better and more personal conversations.

Working together with OMB Digital means continuity in customer contact for me. 

Realized a significant increase in turnover in 2022, customers who themselves request an appointment in LinkedIn in response to articles and posts posted

On average 5 qualitative appointments in my agenda per month. We have interesting conversations with various organizations where we can directly add value at a structural level. In many cases, we can already submit a proposal during the second meeting, with a good success rate".

WEA - Naaldwijk
Jos van Kester

"Lead generation campaigns executed in LinkedIn and CRM HubSpot.

Expectations have been far exceeded with many new appointment and new business. Market analysis mapped the target group at C-level level. Follow-up and follow-up of the leads, make an appointment and schedule it in my agenda. All I had to do was call the warm leads at the scheduled time..

Guidance during the campaign was adequate and very effective."

CEO - Nextrday
Alexandra van der Stap

Atmosphere impression of AI event from OMB Digital

OMB Digital your man

With services specially designed for:

  • Startups and Scale-ups
    Ambitious companies that want to grow quickly and optimize their sales processes to gain market share.
  • SMEs
    Established mid-market companies looking to innovate their sales strategy and increase revenue by managing leads more efficiently.
  • Sales and Marketing Teams
    Teams that struggle with the integration of their processes and systems and are looking for a seamless transition between marketing and sales.
  • B2B Service Providers
    Companies that offer complex solutions and require a strategic approach to lead generation and customer retention.
  • Technology companies
    Innovators looking for advanced tools to complement their own product offering and strengthen their sales process.

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